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AV rental Destination!

"Singapore's #1 most affordable rental services. 

We rent out the widest range of AV equpiment for all types of events"

  • How do I place an order with Rent Projector Singapore?

You can place an order or receive a quote by calling us at (65) 9099 0128 or email to

  • Does Rent Projector Singapore charge for delivery, setup, and collection?

Delivery, setup, and collection of the rental equipment is absolutely free of charge if the total cost of renting is $68 and above.

  • Can Rent Projector Singapore provide same day service?

Yes! At Rent Projector Singapore, we are happy to help you with your same-day, last-minute needs.

  • Where can Rent Projector Singapore deliver equipment to?

Rent Projector SG services entire Singapore, and can deliver equipment the same day to 95% of the country.

  • How do I know what type of equipment is right for my needs?


You can read a short description of each piece of equipment on our website. However, our highly experienced customer service has the utmost knowledge and training to help match your requirements with the right equipment. Just give us a call at +65 9099 0128 (Chris) or send an email to

  • How far in advance of my rental date(s) should I order the equipment?


 We recommend you place your order as soon as you know what equipment you will require. However, we do offer both the next day and same day service for your last minute needs.

  • What if I have trouble setting up the projector?

We will do the setup and testing of the equipment for you when we deliver to the venue.

  • What if I have trouble with my equipment or it doesn’t work?

All equipment is fully tested and checked before we deliver them. We will also do the setup and testing when we deliver the equipment to your venue.  However, if you do have an equipment problem, you can reach our highly competent technicians for help by calling +65 9099 0128. If we cannot fix the problem, we will replace your rental equipment ASAP!

  • What happens if I am late returning the unit?

No worries about that! Simply give us a call @ (65) 9099 0128 (Chris) to keep us informed!


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